Sunday, May 29, 2011

Simian Mobile Disco

In 2005, James Ford and Jas Shaw formed Simian Mobile Disco.  From the UK, this duo began after leaving the other members of their previous experimental electronics band, Simian.

Hoping to break from the mold of polished, programmed dance tracks, the duo exclusively uses analog equipment - a style for which they are most known.  Their tracks feature house roots, four-on-the-floor, dancable beats, and electronica influences.

They released a remix album in 2008, entitled Sample and Hold.  A year later, an entirely original album, Temporary Pleasure, appeared with collaboration from some big-named producers.

Last year, they released their studio album Delicatessen & Delicacies, taking the names of their tracks from bizarre delicacies around the world.

Watch their video 'Hustler'.  It's hot.


  1. Yeah I liked the music ok but the accompanying action was excellent lol.

  2. Ahh, such a sweet groove. I love this stuff.

  3. Awesome song, cant take this off repeat!! ;D

  4. that first pic is awesome =D

  5. I bet this is some really good stuff.

  6. Love this song! First heard it in jack wills xD Great blog man, definately following :)