Monday, May 23, 2011


Russian-born solo artist Natalia Ionova is SMOKING HOT.  Her musical accolades have escalated tremendously since her musical breakthrough in 2002.

Her more common band name, Glukoza (translated ''glucose'') is a cute, punk-pop band with danceable rhythms and major tonalities.

Her musical influences are Madonna, Moby, Mumiy Troll and Agata Kristi (not to be confused with the most boring, horrible mystery author Agatha Christie)

Her first album, titled 'Glukoza Nostra' featured two of her biggest hits, Nenavizhu (I Hate) and Nevesta (Bride), which shot her to the top of the Russian music charts.  After the first two music videos featured a computer animated Natalia, it became common-place; now, all of her videos feature a smooth, CGI version of her band.  Her computer generated charicature was named ''Character of the Year'', and she has won the MTV-EMA award for "Best Russian Act"

Since 2003, she has performed over 500 concerts.  She is a spokeswoman for Motivi, the face of Avon Color Trend, and has been featured on many magainzes, including Elle Girl and Seventeen.


  1. Pretty cool - would like to know what they lyrics are in English.

  2. Sweet song, I would also like to know what she's saying.