Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Muse

The Muse trio is from a sleep town of Teignmouth, Devon.   They started their British rock band experiment at age 13, more popularly known at first as the Rocket Baby Dolls.

Muse - by Warner-Music
By 1997, the band had decided on the name 'Muse', and released their self-titled debut EP with Dangerous Records.

Their first full-length album was called Showbiz, released around New Years of 1999.  The band reached platinum status with the release of their hit album The Origin of Symmetry.

The trio consists of guitarist and vocalist Matthew Bellamy, Chris Wolstenholme on Bass Guitar, and Dominic Howard on drums.  Their fusion of progressive rock, electronica, and Radiohead-influenced experimentation have lead to an amazingly unique sound.

Knights of Cydonia is by far their best video.  It introduced me to this band, and definitely left a lasting impression.  Check out some of their other videos on Youtube!


  1. Funny, I remember one sleepy, sunny morning with they're first single - Uno. I was in high school back then. A decade has passed already, time goes really fast...

  2. nice band, thanks for sharing ^^

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  3. "Time is running out" was the fist i heard of them, since then I became a huge fan. It's like every one of their songs are unique and a hit!

  4. Awesome video! I think I have never seen such an amazing and entertaining music video.

  5. Muse aka The World's Biggest Radiohead Cover Band

  6. I never really liked Muse. I think it has to do with one of their fans being a jerk to me in school though and not their music. The video was really cool though.

  7. Not really a fan of them, decent band though :p

  8. @Kamatacci, wtf are you on?

    I don't get what they are going for with the song, not withstanding I've always like the song. It's kind of their Pièce de résistance.