Saturday, May 7, 2011

Bob Crosby and his Bobcats

Bob Crosby, younger brother to Bing Crosby, primarily found himself in the awkward seat of being the least important member of his own orchestra.  He was incapable of reading sheet music, and couldn't play an instrument.  He dropped out of college to get a job as a singer, and from 1932 to 1934 was the vocalist of friend Anson Weeks' band. 

After a couple of infinitesimally small venues, producing agent Cork O'Keefe helped Bob land a gig as the singer of a popular group of musicians,  under the direction of saxaphonist Gil Rodin.  The popularity of the Crosby family would help propel their band's status, and actually helped  launch his career.  Over time, he helped turn a newly established Decca Records into a major record label.

This song can be found in Bethesoft's 'Fallout 3' soundtrack.  It makes this song a lot more amorous to associate it with strolling the ruins of post-apocalyptic America, mowing down everything that moves with an assortment of death machines.

This is a relaxing, feel-good song.  Most Bob Crosby songs consist of very classy New Orleans jazz elements, big lead band, melodic tenor sax, and major trumpet and piano tonality.


  1. Pretty smoooooooth song. Was about to put me asleep.

  2. It's funny how setting can boost the appeal of an otherwise non discript piece of music.

  3. I love jazz, I played the alto sax back in high school.

  4. This was a great song while playing Fallout 3. :D

  5. God I love these old tunes.