Thursday, September 22, 2011


Primus is a funk-rock band from San Francisco, California.  Their lead singer and bassist, Les Claypool, originally formed the group in 1984.  Their current lineup contains guitarist Larry LaLonde and drummer Jay Lane.

Les is most known for his eclectic, technical bass lines and bizarre 'side-show' style vocals.  Their sound has been called everything from 'thrash-funk' to 'alternative metal'.  Les, in his own words, describes it as 'psychedelic polka'.  However, their sound could not, and should not be compared to any contemporary bands, as Primus is a genre unto its own.  Their productions are very instrument-driven, with a 'goofy weirdness' that is as equally inspiring as it is alienating. 

Though Primus has predominantly been an underground band, their cult following has grown to huge proportions.  The band's third album, Sailing the Seas of Cheese, went Gold in 1993, and eventually Platinum in 2001.  Their song 'Pork Soda' off their forth album debuted in the Top Ten, and their fifth album, Tales From the Punch Bowl, went Gold in 1995.

Their most recent album was released earlier in 2011, entitled Green Naugahyde.  It's their seventh studio album, and is their first full-length LP in over ten years.


  1. I'd love to go to one of these guys' concerts; looks like it could be a lot of fun ;)

  2. My god, I haven't thought about Primus in ages. Time to go diving through the annals of my music library!

  3. Saw them LIVE in Jacksonville....
    except for the stupid girl behind me spilling beer all over me, it was the BEST SHOW EVER.

  4. I love primus.

    Is there a way you could post my music?

    I've sampled primus in my songs before

  5. this song was in the original tony hawk pro skater